Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hearts Born Team Partners!

Hearts Born Team Partners!

Please use the following three words in your tags for your hearts:

"Hearts Born Team"

Etsy Admin is suggesting this method to build stronger teams, and to benefit from Etsy Admin team promotion.

Also so we can easily co-promote each other, and so visitors can see all the hearts easily!
In your Profile or Shop Announcement tell visitors to your shop to search for Hearts Born Team!

Below is a snippet from Etsy if you would like more information.

Resources for Etsy Teams

A Guide to Team Tags

Things to Know about Team Tags:

  • To be recognized officially as an Etsy Team tag, the Team tag must have the word "team" in it. It can be a separate word, or altogether as one word, but it must contain "team".
  • Do NOT use a Team's tag unless you are sure you are a member of the Team whose tag you wish to use.

How to Use Your Team Tag:

  • Include the Team Tag on promotional items your Team makes.
  • Post links to a search for the tag on other sites, like your Team's website, your personal blog, social networking sites, etc.
  • Tell visitors to your shop to search for your Team's tag in your Profile or Shop Announcement!
  • In your Note to Buyer, include a note about the Team Tag.
  • The best Team tags are easy to remember, include the word "team", and are words or phrases that aren't currently used as tags for other items.

1 comment:

Jackandjillsmom said...

Good to know Corina! I noticed that when you type hearts born of love, there are multiple items that are not ours.
I'm very excited about the pollinating.
Have you sent your hearts to your photographer yet????
Happy belated 4th!