Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let TRADE our products on Etsy

Trading products on Etsy

My first reaction when I heard, then read, about trading was - REALLY? We don't have to send money?
it seemed strange...

Here is how:
In http://etsytools.com/, etsians can choose products they have to trade and find others that want to trade.
1) sign up for an account,
2) add the shop you want to trade with
3) finalized transaction in etsy
4) at check out : click method of payment. Ideally "other" is an available option. If not click on payment method available
5) type a message mentioning the trade of products as agreed.
6) etsy registers this as a sale and charges the fees associated with the sale to the partners' respective accounts
7) in YOUR Etsy go to sold (orders) and
8) click on "got payment" for the traded product
9) both partners ship their products and incur the cost of shipping (most often the shipping cost is identical)
10) the sale is posted in both stores
11) feedback is posted in both stores
Since then I realized that a few convos agreeing on the trade are often enough to agree on the trade.
I have clicked on paypal before and only sent the product (no payment)
I have payed for shipping myself and the partner of the trade will also have to pay for shipment.

Trading it is a GREAT way to get sales up and feedback perfect for a store. In the process I find that a relationship is born with the partner which is a comforting by-product of a trade - after all isn't Etsy all about building a community?

I hope this helps give comfort for future trades. PLEASE be advised that this post is not to be taken as the norm for trading. I strongly recommend you clarify with each trading partner what is their preferred method!

Good luck!

talk about PACKAGING!

this is my convo to PumpkinHaus


I got my heart...I love it, the color combination!...But i can't part with the packaging so it's not yet hanging on a coat!

Your packaging (PumpkinHaus) and NolaMiadesigns' gave me a new idea: a way to connect the team - discuss how to package our products to get a huge warm feeling inside our buyers when they receive/open our packages...would you be interested in sharing with us how you've come up with your packaging idea?

Let me know,