Tuesday, March 11, 2008

talk about PACKAGING!

this is my convo to PumpkinHaus


I got my heart...I love it, the color combination!...But i can't part with the packaging so it's not yet hanging on a coat!

Your packaging (PumpkinHaus) and NolaMiadesigns' gave me a new idea: a way to connect the team - discuss how to package our products to get a huge warm feeling inside our buyers when they receive/open our packages...would you be interested in sharing with us how you've come up with your packaging idea?

Let me know,

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BujorHandMades said...

Thanks so much!

I actually used the whole "recycled" idea for the packaging, the bright cardstock is scraps from one of my husbands cd releases, the foiled paper is from leftovers from some of my daughters art projects, I didn't purchase anything outright for the pins themselves.

As far as the envelope goes, I really want the person who opens the mailbox to get excited to see something that is so obviously not a bill, I love to get mail, and with the advent of the computer, it is so rare to get something fun in the mailbox once in a while!

I just love to put things together, and i am a huge fan of color that grabs you. I also know how i feel when I get a pretty package in the mail and it feels good to me to share that feeling with others! Which, by the way, I really liked how you sent yours on the paper bag scrap with the note, it was very fun for me to open! I am just so glad you liked everything, I was a little worried since I approached you about being involved with the project! You are more than welcome to share this with others, and thanks so much for your interest!!

~ dani